Full Power! – A Reading from the Book of Tarot for February 1, 2012

Illustrations from the Albano Waite Tarot@deck reproduced by permission of US Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902. Copyright c 1990 by US Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT. Further reproduction prohibited.


Two cards are profiled. Each card represents a consciousness that corresponds to the highlighted paths on the Tree of Life (Kabbalah) diagrams included with this reading. The intention is for you to watch for the consciousness these cards symbolize to be reflected in the experiences and events of the day.  The first card is an archetype card chosen according to the numerology of the day. Today is 2, 1, 2012, or number 8: Strength. The second card, the Sun, is a random draw seeking the ideal card to contemplate in relation to current events this day.

Strength is also called balance, it’s both, as it takes great strength of mind to maintain the balance between severity and mercy required to travel the path this archetype represents. Strength requires us to accept and deal with imperfection. Imperfection just is and dealing with it requires us to balance force with compassion. This requires the wisdom to realize that strength comes with not knowing and not judging. Note the figure is at peace, draped in garland and wears the crown of infinite wisdom. Her hands mirror the balance of her crown with a “yin yang” pose that cradles the “beast’s” head. This beast is licking the figure’s right hand. The right hand symbolizes our power to bring reality into form. At the same time this beast’s teeth are bared and his claws are extended.  Achieving wholeness on the path of Strength requires us to realize the perfect balance of power and powerlessness.

The Sun, also an archetype, symbolizes a consciousness breakthrough path on the Tree of Life. The energy at work here is action energy. People on this path do things that we all admire and aspire to do. The child depicted on the card is riding away from walled sunflowers, 4 flowers represent the 4 suits, the four personalities of mankind.  These flowers have turned their faces to the child for energy. This is the path of “Look Mom, no Hands!” The horse is being ridden without reins. On this path, perfect control is achieved by balancing our conscious with our unconscious. The feather flying on the child’s head, and the bright red streamer flying in the child’s left hand further underscores the power of the unconscious taking precedence. The Sun itself emits pure energy and wavy (vibration energy). The Sun’s pure lines symbolize the power of the Light flowing directly to us. The Sun’s wavy lines are our power to reflect and refract the Light into vibrations that bring our personal realities into form. The block to wholeness on this path of vibrant energy is the charcoal hued wall behind the horse supporting society (the flowers). Wholeness requires us to shine: to take action and to not allow social walls to block our conscious breakthroughs. The charcoal hue of the wall also reminds us to not burn out and destroy our selves and or others in our glorious drive to do, and be.

Please note: This reading is meant for the practice of Yoga of the West, a Tarot meditation designed to build a bridge of intuition between the reader’s conscious and unconscious mind.  People also consult the cards as an oracle. Caution is advised. An oracle opens the door to spiritual deception as easily as spiritual truth. To read more about Yoga of the West go to http://bit.ly/9BiovO

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