Fortunes’ Mode of Operation is Dead! – A Reading from the Book of Tarot for February 6, 2012

Illustrations from the Albano Waite Tarot@deck reproduced by permission of US Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902. Copyright c 1990 by US Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT. Further reproduction prohibited.


Two cards are profiled. Each card represents a consciousness that corresponds to the highlighted paths on the Tree of Life (Kabbalah) diagrams included with this reading. The intention is for you to watch for the consciousness these cards symbolize to be reflected in the experiences and events of the day


The first card, Death, is an archetype card chosen according to the numerology of the day. Today is 02, 06, 2012 or 13: Death.  The second card, the Wheel of Fortune is a random draw seeking the ideal card to contemplate in relation to today’s current events.

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the butterfly calls the beginning.” Archetype Death is not death of our bodies, or an end to our life, per se. The consciousness on this path is the realization of immortality gained by letting all that doesn’t work die. The figure Death flies a black flag, empty of light, but emblazoned with a white rose for beauty, and purification. This is death to psychological patterns and behaviors. This death of old patterns brings us legitimate pain, but it also brings us regeneration. The King (ruling mode of operation) is dead. The Hierophant is pleading trying to hang on to traditional ways of thinking, but note, what he holds on to is black, without light.  The youth or female is looking away in avoidant refusal, but the child is eager and holding blooms. The sun is rising on a new day! And the pillars before the rising sun symbolize the Pillars of Wisdom. These pillars are the gateway to immortality. Death reminds us that endings are actually beginnings. Wholeness requires us to let what no longer works die. Wholeness requires us to accept death as we accept birth.


The Wheel of Fortune is universally considered a positive card. The image on the card is laden with wisdom symbols: the color blue, the Sphinx and the Torah (Tora). Tora is spelled out in the outer ring of the wheel, mixed with IHVH, the unspeakable name of G__. The Four beasts of the Apocalypse frame this card. In the top left is Aquarius, top right is Scorpio, Leo is in the bottom right and Taurus is in the bottom left. These fixed signs of the zodiac are all reading the Tora and they all have wings signifying stability through change found in the word. The change theme continues with the snake on the left side of the wheel, a symbol of the life force descending into the material world. The snake’s head is traveling towards the feet of a red Anubis rising on the right side of the wheel, a sign of intelligence or wisdom ascending. The middle wheel contains the material world: alchemical symbols for mercury, sulfur, water and salt. The energy on this path of Wisdom balances work well done with the compassionate abundance of the Universe. There is no rhyme or reason behind the workings of good fortune, it just is. Wholeness requires us to do the work and maintain wise balance come what may on the wheel of material fortune.

Please note:

This reading is meant for the practice of Yoga of the West, a Tarot meditation designed to build a bridge of intuition between the reader’s unconscious and conscious mind.  People also consult the cards as an oracle. Caution is advised. An oracle opens the door to spiritual deception as easily as spiritual truth. To read more about Yoga of the West go to

Mary T. Ficalora, is the author of the award winning book, Choosing Honor: a philosophical treatise that applies the symbolism found on the Tree of Life to reveal an unpredictable tonic for what ails America. For more on Kabbalah and how it relates to the tonic prescribed in Choosing Honor go to

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