Follow the Muse Across the Troubled Waters – A Reading from the Book of Tarot for February 6, 2012

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Two cards are profiled. Each card corresponds to a path on the Tree of Life (Kabbalah). These paths are highlighted in the pictures provided. The combination of what the cards symbolize and the placement of the paths they represent on the Tree will reveal what you need to see this day.



The first card, Temperance is an archetype card chosen according to the numerology of the day. Today is 2, 06, 2012, or number 14: Temperance.  The second card is the 6 of Swords, a random draw seeking the ideal card to contemplate in relation to current events this day.


The path of Temperance is one of holding balance in the face of overwhelming events outside of your control. This path is the Crossroads of music legend that has to be crossed in order to create with the muses. The angel depicted on this card is said to be a hermaphrodite (child of Aphrodite and Hermes). In India this dual being, two sexes united in one personality, is the primal force, the Light from which life emanates. This symbolism is repeated on the hermaphrodite’s forehead in the symbol for the center of infinity: emanation or first cause. Human creativity soars to rainbow heights at this crossroad. The figure has one foot rooted in the water, feelings, and one foot planted on green earth, living form. This path balances sexuality (creativity) and love (creation). Art, creation, brings feelings into living form. The water flowing between cups in the angel’s hands is actually flowing from the lower cup to the higher cup symbolizing rising to a higher consciousness. Temperance is the path of direct transcendence to wholeness, the golden road on which the muses lead us to highest consciousness..


The Six of Swords falls on the 6th Path, Tiphareth. The 6 all Suits in the Tarot combined represent the 6h path in this Yoga of the West tradition, Kabbalah. The 6th path is the path of heart, the Messiah. In the East it would be called the Bodhisattva consciousness. A good metaphor for the energy on this path that is represented by the 6 of Swords would be the loneliness of Gethsemane. The 6 of Swords can also be summed up in the saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough get tougher. The figures depicted on the card are in a boat, the boat’s captain is left hand up; he knows, and right hand down, doing the work; bringing about the change. Wholeness requires that we move through or across the troubled waters (note the ripples in the foreground) with determination and strength of will, even if we have to do it alone and or without help.



Please note:


This reading is meant for the practice of Yoga of the West, a Tarot meditation designed to build a bridge of intuition between the reader’s unconscious and conscious mind.  People also consult the cards as an oracle. Caution is advised. An oracle opens the door to spiritual deception as easily as spiritual truth. To read more about Yoga of the West go to


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