You Can’t Get Out?! Ha! – A Reading from the Book of Tarot for February 8, 2012

Illustrations from the Albano Waite Tarot@deck reproduced by permission of US Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902. Copyright c 1990 by US Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT. Further reproduction prohibited.


Two cards are profiled. Each card represents a consciousness that corresponds to the highlighted paths on the Tree of Life (Kabbalah) diagrams included with this reading. The intention is for you to watch for the consciousness these cards symbolize to be reflected in the experiences and events of the day

The first card is The Devil, an archetype card chosen according to the numerology of the day. Today is  2, 8, 2012, or the number 15: The Devil.  The second card is the 8 of Cups, a random draw seeking the ideal card to contemplate in relation to current events this day.

The Devil is the path of false obstacles. The upside down Pentacle on the Devil’s forehead shows him to be a false reality. The Devil’s raised right hand reminds of benediction but it bears the sign of Saturn, blocked energy. The admonition to “keep your tail where it should be” comes to my mind when I study this card. Both the male and female chained to the false block have tails showing who they should be, what they should have: the fire and fruit of life. This path has also been called Devil’s Play. Those of us who are trapped on this path are partying too much, drinking too much, doing drugs, shopping, anything and everything to escape facing down the false obstacle stopping us from becoming who we can be, who we are born to be. Others are simply trapped in self-oppressive patterns explained away by meeting other people’s needs or society’s dictates. “I have to because I’m married now,” or “I would but I have children,” or “No way out of this job, I need the health insurance,” etc.   Wholeness requires us to break the self-imposed chains of oppression that keep us locked in self-destructive patterns. 

The eight of each suit in the Tarot combine to symbolize the 8h path on the Tree of Life. This is the path of inspired work of the intellect. The energy on this path is known as genius, when it is successful, and folly when it isn’t.  The 8 of Cups symbolize the need to walk away from the material wealth we have in order to seek transcendence.  Cups on this path symbolizes feelings. The 8 of Cups represent understanding what needs to change. The figure in this card, wearing red (great power), is alone and walking away from seeming abundance. Though on closer inspection we see the abundance, the stacked cups, is imperfectly aligned. The moon depicted in full cycle, let’s us know that the figure is in full knowing. This is the path of knowing it is time to move on.  The water (feelings) the figure walks along is a path leading the figure away from what is. Water (feelings) also separates the figure from the Cups (abundance).  Wholeness requires us to take the initiative to move on when we feel that our existence is no longer working for us.

Please note:

This reading is meant for the practice of Yoga of the West, a Tarot meditation designed to build a bridge of intuition between the reader’s unconscious and conscious mind.  People also consult the cards as an oracle. Caution is advised. An oracle opens the door to spiritual deception as easily as spiritual truth. To read more about Yoga of the West go to

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