The Sensate Personality – The Pentacle Face Cards in the Book of Tarot

Illustrations from the Albano Waite Tarot@deck reproduced by permission of US Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902. Copyright c 1990 by US Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT. Further reproduction prohibited.

This post continues study of the personality types.  Four cards, the Pentacle face cards are profiled. The Sensate personality. Psychologist Carl Jung defined the four personality types using the four suits of the Tarot. These types are, Feeling (cups), Thinking (swords), Intuitive (wands) and Sensate (pentacles). Each personality type has four levels of consciousness: page, knight, queen and king.


The Yoga of the West tradition says that each level of personality travels each path on the Tree of Life simultaneously. The Tree of Life is said to be four-dimensional, each path has four levels of consciousness, levels of personality in each human all reflecting the Light to produce what Jung named our “collective unconscious.”  Every individual has a unique consciousness dominated by different aspects of personality type at any given time. Jungian theory is that we are mostly unconscious of the different aspects of our selves. Jung theorized that we are all born with one aspect as our conscious type. (determined by our birth sign)  A secondary type will also be within our conscious recognition but less than the first. A third is barely realized consciously and a forth largely unconscious may or may not be recognized in our lifetime. A person who does realize wholeness is fully conscious of his/her full personality strengths and weaknesses in every type.

My overall read is that the Sensate  personality  has mastered  sensory details; how much and how fine. Sensate personalities revere the miracle of being. They nurture the power to create; to bring one’s whole self into being. Sensates understand the workings of might and right. The Sensate personality’s attributes are revealed in the Tarot’s face cards as follows.

Knights represent the mode of operation a personality moves forward with. The Knight of Pentacles stands high over his domain, a strong master surveying and preparing to move forward ready for any and all contingencies. This Knight, fully dressed in red, with his head waving masculine abundance, is powerful. The Sensate thinks before he acts. Once he does act his moves will be decisive and without mistake.

The Page of Pentacles is  forever young in the material world. He feet are rooted in the red flowers of desires, though there is one white daisy at his right foot, he operates from a place of pure thought centered on feelings. Note the delicate balance of the Pentacle in this figures hands, the fingers are almost not touching it.  The Page of Pentacles is the idealist who views the material world as untapped perfection: thrilling potential possibilities at his/her fingertips.  The Sensate is in a constant state of wonder and learning.

The Sensate is the queen of sensual enjoyment. The Queen of Pentacles sits upon a throne surrounded by fruit trees, angels and other symbols of material success and sensual pleasure. A rabbit the symbol for fertility darts out at her feet. On her lap, she cradles a Pentacle, a creation that she has brought to form. This creation could be a child, an artistic creation, or personal relationship. Jungian perspective would remind us that the most valuable life we form is our own. This Queen is contemplating the form she has brought into the world, her conscious self.  The roses above her head mirror the roses found above the Archetype Magician’s head. Roses symbolize desire. The Sensate brings desire into form. The white flowers at her feet tell us that her creation was formed with pure thought, pure intention. The Ram’s head on the left hand rest on her throne further underscores the fire wisdom at work in this Queen’s thinking. This Queen is the consummate Earth Mother, solid in the foundations of our true nature, secure in the abundance creation provides as needed.

The King of Pentacles is draped with abundant fruit of the vine. When Sensate personality rules life in a stable, ambitious, wise way that protects and methodically produces worldly existence for all. Note this figure’s left foot is encased in armor and it rests upon the skull of a ram.  This authority figure expects those he has authority over to do exactly as he does…take over the family business, for example. Wholeness when faced with this aspect of personality requires us to realize that might does not make right, that right makes might.  It is good to have your feet solidly grounded and be a balanced abundant producer and provider, but you also have to lighten up, unleash your imagination and free everyone to be who they are meant to be.

Watch for thinking aspects of personality today, in yourself and in others. All of us, male and female, have the capacity to realize all four aspects of personality. All of us have the capacity to realize wholeness. We are all both male and female and we all are capable of realizing every dimension of every personality.


Please note:

People also consult the Tarot as an oracle. Caution is advised. An oracle opens the door to spiritual deception as easily as spiritual truth. To read more about Yoga of the West go to

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