Pay Attention!


As we light candles and look for answers to the most recent tragedy to terrorize America, remember we are facing a global economic crisis. Always in history times like these have been handled by the elite with wars. Deliberate instigation of crisis to cover the crisis while maintaining control of the reconfiguration of economies. Pay attention! The game is in full swing. War is over if we want it.


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3 responses to “Pay Attention!

  1. Civil War WTF?! Who is sending this stuff out? What psych response are they looking for?!! Proof That “Craft” or Blackwater Agents Did the Boston Bombings PROOF?!!!! WHERE ARE OUR COURTS?! Guilty as charged?! PLEASE TAKE THE CASE OUTLINED IN THE BOOK “Crossing The Rubicon” to court!!!! via @sharethis


  2. Guillaume

    I have to disagree. The real Tree of Life is Spirit, not DNA.
    It’s a spiritual concept of Salvation. (The Spirit has fallen into impure matter and needs to be redeemed from that condition)
    The snake represents Kundalini Spiritual energy.
    The bible turned the story upside down – turning good into bad. The Gnostics have known the true meaning…


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