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Wishing the World Fractal Pentimento With this Story

It was announced today that a portrait of Jesus Christ by Leonardo Da Vinci has been authenticated. The defining decision confirming authenticity of the work was based on “pentimento,” that is the artist’s change of heart in the positioning of the thumb while working on the piece. 

The consensus among people who have seen this work is that you can feel a spiritual presence within the work.  What does this work say?  Christ holds the orb of the material world in his left hand, his compassionate loving hand, the orb is transparent.

Authenticating Da Vinci painting of Christ

Authenticating Da Vinci painting of Christ

His raised right hand, his rendering hand, points up with his first two fingers and thumb gently curved in.  Symbolically this says that the world, the bounty of all (the orb) is illusion and the raised right hand tells us all is rendered for the good of all, the higher all.  Nice.



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