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Harmonic Convergence or War?!!!

Hate was flying on my social media today.   As was the need to have a gun to fight against government commando.  This Denis Leary song came to mind.

The “cockles of my heart!”  There is so much anti Islam vitriol flying across the threads that I do fear that my fellow United States citizens are going to allow the wars to escalate.  Why? To what end?!!!

Ironically, there actually were some answers and insights offered in Congress today… along with even more social noise and protest.  No offense Code Pink, but you missed the point. Kissinger may or may not be guilty of war crimes, the point is he had wisdom to share.  The combined experience of former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, and George Shultz imparted to those who have ears to hear, and those who have eyes to see, that harmonic diversity could be achieved…… Former Secretaries of State Congressional hearing on national security

OR NOT!!!   They also made it very clear that War, unending war, could more easily be achieved if we don’t all wake up!!!  We are living in dangerous times and the United States does not have a clear agenda. We are not focused on our mission.  Dialogue needs to move out of the love to hate asshole arena and into serious discussions about what the United States’ mission is.  What are we, the people, willing to fight for? What is our mission?  I do not think we know, our leaders do not seem to know either.  That really concerns me!!!

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The Tree of Life = DNA = The Root of All Religions

The Tree of Life = DNA = The Root of All Religions.

It has come to my attention that many people are visiting and reading my older posts.   Thank you!


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