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The Origin of the Eye in the Pyramid Cap

For what it is worth, I do believe the meaning of this symbolism bears repeating.

The Eye in the Pyramid Cap is a Magi symbol. It is found on the US Dollar bill and this is one reason why I use it on the cover of Choosing Honor. The Magi teaching attached to this symbol is that when one attains highest consciousness one enters the  state of being in which one can choose to become a savior: Messiah.  In the Magi tradition, once the highest consciousness is achieved then the hovering pyramid cap with the eyeball  lowers and connects with the base pyramid. A full pyramid with the eye symbolizing realization of full being, wholeness. This teaching applies to both individuals and mankind as a whole. “As it is above, so it is below.”

dollarThis symbol is related to the Eye of Horus and the flying disc found in Egyptian symbols.


Zoroastrian traditional places the prophet Zoraster in the center of wings, which is said to be from pre-Islamic Persia; the first texts date from 226-641 AD.


The concept of  floating eye, flying disc, and the flying eyeball dates back to Sumeria. Sumeria, according to archeologist carbon dating, existed 5000 years ago.  There are many theories regarding the meaning of the  Sumerian flying disc: knowledge that came from heaven, saviors that came from heaven, and aliens are the most common.


The prophet Zoraster is said to have lived in 6th Century BCE, his teachings invoked saviors from the past who had attained this higher consciousness. He said these beings were like the dawns of new days and would come to the world in service; to model the way to the savior state. Zoraster hoped himself to be one of them. The belief in coming saviors developed from his teachings which also incorporated belief in angels and demons. There can be no doubt that the prophet Zoroaster’s ideas influenced Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in the beliefs regarding ethical monotheism, heaven, hell, angels, the resurrection of the body, and the messiah figure: the extent of his influence is not known for certain.

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Don’t Step Down! Archuleta is absolutely correct.

“I am as distressed as you are about how long these systems have gone neglected,” Archuleta said, adding at another point, “The whole of government is responsible and it will take all of us to solve the issue.”

The Fed Agency breach of Security via Chinese hackers is a fractal reality that Archuleta is absolutely correct about.

The Chinese have our debt in their hands and the value of our dollars are not defensible without the The United States stepping up its’ game.  By shelving Tesla’s insights and innovations in the reality of how the frequencies of the world operate, JP Morgan bought us a free ride for a century that has morphed into some of us thinking they are our free rights. In the interest of profits the Morgan et. al banksters failed to expedite untold possibilities of new innovations for the good of all the world. The shelved progress that would have enriched all human being’s existence is blowback: the chicken’s are coming home to roost. The kind of egg it lays is going to depend on the people being the change they want to see in the world.  The United States has grown fat and lazy. I would bet Archuleta was trained to do her job exactly the way she did it.  No questions asked.  Our nation has gone authoritarian dictate too, we are educated to work that way.   Archeluta story

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