Servitude and Service: Same Difference?

Huxley quote

“I no longer believe in coincidences. The fake news media would classify me as a conspiracy theorist because I question this plandemic, the coordinated and suspiciously funded BLM protests/riots, and the extraordinary transfer of trillions from the public coffers into the pockets of bankers and billionaires. It’s as if a curtain of disbelief has descended upon a nation of actors, all playing a part in this tragic comedy. Shakespeare would be amazed by the plot of this play.”

The Burning Platform,, a traditional freethinking economic minded website, always appeals to my common sense perceptions of the goings on in our United States.  The only exception I ever take to this form of conservative free and independent type of thinking is the common failure to value what the Eastern nations on our globe take as necessary reality. That is service to protecting and nurturing life on this Earth.  Collectivism is anathema to freedom loving United States’ citizens.  This is the one philosophical political hard line that I think is pure hubris to our “shining light” United States mentality.  Unconditional hate of collectivism is the equal to being blinded by the light in my humble opinion. I will not venture to define the workings of the light.  That is equal hubris of many who like to think of themselves as Illumined. I will say we all thrive far more effectively when we share the light rather than try to harness it.  This is the essential difference between servitude and service.

Your ability to perceive the difference will directly influence your state.  I hope you are awake because the darkest of forces are entering the mind game at this time.  Service or servitude?  What will it be?







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