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Fractal reality.

When I am powerless, I stay as present as I can and watch for signs of paths I can control. When in this state, fractal symbolism perception becomes synchronistically wild. In my experience. Wild life becomes tantamount in the powers at work fractally. Some might see such insights as pschosis. Others will look to God. My mother named the phenom Godincidence. Name it what you may, gnosis just is. Serendipity is universally understood by peer typical generations. There are always outliers on the extreme ends of the perception spectrum. Autism on the rise makes extreme perceptions a growing norm.

I drive the Mulholland to and from work M-F. Hawks are my daily observation. They often fly above me as I pass through their hunting grounds. Today I passed above one as I accelerated down the 101 on-ramp off Kanan, clean white belly feathers waving in the wind of the speeding cars. I hope that signals a death to war hawks on a massive scale, and not the death of my personal triumph. Visualization is likely an aspect in realization of such fractal realities. What do you think?

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