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The Vote Count

Given all the convoluted noise regarding vote counts this year’s United State’s Elections, maybe it is time we got digital receipts and verifiable tallies of our votes.   We certainly should restore the exit poll counts.  We really have no oversight improvement since Florida’s hanging chads, and California’s lost  mail-ins, and Ohio’s flipped digital counts and the unjust dropping of people from the rolls revealed by Greg Palast. 

We know the DNC cheats and spies on the RNC. Palast has show us how the RNC drops voters from the rolls.  The people need to find a better way to track the integrity of our votes.

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 8.22.29 PM


Just sayin.’



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State Sovereignty Ground Zero   

The Naked Truth. 

Naked woman in streets of Portland

President Trump Tweets that he has sent the Federal Troops to Portland to help Oregon control their protestors/looters.  The Mayor of Portland responds that his uninvited troops are only making the situation worse.

The income inequity in Portland, Oregon is beyond the pale.  There are also far too many homeless, and far too many heroin addicts in Portland, Oregon.  Heroin is a military commodity on so many levels that the moral and ethical position of the Federal troops actively subduing citizens on  State Sovereign soil is bankrupt.  What the banksters did to homeowners when they broke the law with robosigning mortgage papers into bundles for equity sale is morally and ethically bankrupt.  The Federal sanction of the destruction of people’s lives has to be addressed and fixed.  Law and Order doesn’t work if the Law is not followed.

We will likely need a lot more naked protestors in the streets.  God love this woman who stepped up her naked yoga routine to spectacular detente inspiring levels.  LOL  




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The WTF’er Army? WTF is that??

The WTF’er Army? WTF is that??  Something I want to be in with, for sure.
The term “conspiracy theorist” has been used to denigrate people who ask questions and who refuse to accept placing blind faith in a corrupt government and agenda driven MSM for far too long..
So next time someone accuses you of being a “conspiracy theorist” or mocks you for wearing “tin foil hats” feel free to respond by telling ’em..
“I’m not a “conspiracy theorist.. and I’m also not a fucking coward that’s afraid to question what the government and media tells me to think and believe.. I’m a What-The-Fucker.. and if you’re too afraid to question anything you’re told to believe, you can fuck right off!” 😁🤷‍♂️
Please join the WTF’er Army, your free and independent spirit needs you!!  When the saints come marching in, you will want to be in their number.

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Thank you Pentagon Brass! USA Honor

The Pentagon has stood by the Constitution of the United States.  No to military against civilians who are assembling peacefully who also have few bad apples and violently vocal in the exercise of their free speech rights.  General Kelly also uncharacteristically went public to say:

“There is a concern, I think an awful big concern, that the partisanship has gotten out of hand, the tribal thing has gotten out of hand…I think we should look at people that are running for office and put them through the filter: What is their character like? What are their ethics?”

Translation: neither Trump nor Joe Biden is fit to be the next president.


Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 6.09.48 PM


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The Looting CNN Doesn’t Talk About

Jimmy Dore and Chris Hedges discuss the United States and the underlying elite looting that drives today’s riots, Black Lives Matter, is just the tip of the “tinder.”

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 5.49.02 PM


Never forget: “if they don’t speak out about the 9/11 lie that means they are controlled by the people who did it.”

9:11 lie

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Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities. ― Voltaire

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Virus Mind Game – Pay Attention


originally published Friday, May 01, 2020

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Monday, May 04, 2020
The 2nd Massive Downwave IS ALMOST UPON US…
Saturday, May 02, 2020
Friday, May 01, 2020

The Coronavirus / covid-19 pandemic is the biggest hoax in the history of the world. Billions of people across the globe have been duped and allowed themselves to be subjected to tyranny because of a spook. As you will learn when you follow the links below, the figures for cases and deaths caused by Covid-19 are largely fraudulent and grossly inflated – the product of distortion, exaggeration and statistical trickery, with connivance by the elite controlled media to present them as established fact. You might complain “Oh, but I’ve seen the videos of people gasping for breath on ventilators and of coffins piled high”. But how do you know those are genuine? Remember when they staged the gas attacks by Syrian leader Bashar Assad on his own people which were later found to be the work of Western actors and pulling down the big statue of Saddam in Iraq where a relative handful of paid locals were made to look like a crowd? Even if they are genuine, and they do look it, how do you know that the numbers of people in such a condition are not grossly exaggerated, or even that the people on ventilators are not being treated for another condition? With respect to the presentation of what is going on, Chris Martenson and Peak Prosperity, who are well into this and making a big thing of it, are regarded with considerable suspicion. Ever since this started ordinary people have been subjected to a non-stop wall-to-wall 24-hour media blitz, highlighting the horror of dying with Covid-19 and presenting graphs showing apocalyptic infection and death rates if drastic action is not taken – and it has worked, the people have taken the bait, hook line and sinker, and are now cowering in their homes, dutifully following every instruction of their Masters, except when they go out onto their balconies to inflict themselves on their neighbors by singing or whatever. The power of propaganda, skillfully used, cannot be overstated. More than 100 years later most people still believe that Germany started the 1st World War. No, it didn’t, it was started by the British Empire which saw the rising power of Germany as a threat to its hegemony, and resolved to physically destroy it, and then worked to create a situation where war was inevitable. Likewise, when Hitler invaded Poland to rescue a German enclave which was being brutally oppressed, it was used as an excuse by Britain to declare war on Germany, on the spurious grounds that “Britain had a treaty with Poland”. Much more recently we had the events of 11th September 2001, which enabled the elites to eviscerate the US Constitution with their pre-written Patriot Acts, that paved the way for the coming tyranny, and also to pursue their geo-political agenda in the Mid-East. As Hitler is reputed to have said, “The bigger the lie, the more readily it will be believed” and thus we had the ludicrous explanation that this attack was masterminded by a fanatic in a cave in Afghanistan. In reality it was a meticulously planned “false flag” operation, that was incredibly efficient in terms of the “sacrifice” required to achieve the objectives, since it only required the destruction of 2 large buildings (3 with building 7) and the unfortunate people who happened to be in them at the time, which is hardly on a par with the obliteration of the entire cities of Dresden or Hiroshima. The credulous public, like frightened rabbits, unquestionably believed the official explanation, not asking simple questions like “Why would a building that is constructed to withstand the impact of aircraft collapse like a house of cards”, or “Why did building 7, which was away from the action, suddenly go down like a dynamited power station hours later?” The explanation, to anyone with a functioning brain, is that the buildings were all brought down by sequenced controlled demolitions, with the aircraft flying into them being remotely controlled, and building 7 was destroyed because it was the command center for the operation. Afterwards, the whole area was sealed off and no independent forensic examination permitted because it would have found evidence of the explosives used. The events of 9/11 were the first punch of a one – two knockout blow, with this Covid-19 pandemic being the second decisive impact, which finally sweeps away the remaining personal freedoms of the masses, whose lives will from now on be tightly and closely monitored, aided by modern technology, as their Masters assume total control. But why now? – why was the bioweapon released now? Let’s address the timing. The background to this was that US elites (they are transnational but centered primarily in the US, and Britain) were becoming alarmed at the fast growing power of China, which was threatening their hegemony both economically and militarily. They knew they had to act fast, while they still had the power of the having the global reserve currency. So their first move was to instigate a Trade War to take the wind out of the sails of the Chinese economy. Then, late last year, the global financial system was teetering on the verge of collapse due to debt levels reaching critical extremes, which lead to emergency intervention in the repo markets, so they needed an immediate scapegoat for the collapse and decided to immediately play their Trump card, their Master Stroke and unleash the virus. Beyond the immediate “benefit” of fatally wounding the Chinese economy, which was a Prime Objective, the planned blowback to the rest of the world was also to their advantage, because it triggered a market crash that could now be blamed on the virus, giving them the perfect excuse to bail out elite institutions like the banks and big corporations at public expense, and at the same time the orchestrated virus scare enabled them to advance their plans to implement a global police state at lightning speed.

One of the most remarkable achievements of this Master Plan was the neutralization of millions of potentially powerful US gun owners. It works like this – if you can control their minds you can control their guns – so what they did was made the gun owners as afraid of the “spook” as everyone else, and that, in addition to the application of peer group pressure by their friends and neighbors around them, who were scared witless by the virus, has effectively served to disarm them, so that they are cowering in their homes like everyone else, apart from the occasional trip to the local State capital to pose and swagger around with their hardware.
Releasing the virus in Wuhan, the industrial heartland of China was a carefully calculated and very crafty act. In addition to enabling the elites to instantly “drive a stake through the heart” of the Chinese economy, it also meant that they could pin the blame on China, regardless of whether the virus is decided to have originated in the local animal or fish market or the bio lab located nearby in Wuhan. The purpose is to sully the global reputation of China, and create a reservoir of resentment that can later be tapped and exploited in the event of any later military action against it. This is why Trump referred to it as “The Chinese Virus”, although he stopped using this term when he realized he’d gone too far. Right now they are employing the tactic that “attack is the best form of defense” and making out that China was automatically responsible for the virus because it started there, and making phony claims for compensation for economic damage in order to deflect scrutiny from themselves.
As we have seen, various imperatives have converged at this time to drive these extraordinary developments. With the world economy on the verge of collapse due to impossible extremes of debt, the transnational elites are now “going for broke” to realize their dream of global hegemony – they have set in motion their plans to crush China, implement a global neo-feudal society, with a world government, a single global currency, and a cashless society in which every aspect of citizens lives is controlled and monitored. It will be a two-tier society where ordinary people exist, if permitted to, to serve the purposes of their masters, the elites, who may rightly be termed “neo-feudal overlords”.


Many people are living under the illusion that when this pandemic is contained, life will return to normal. No, it won’t. Iraq was invaded on the basis of a lie, the “weapons of mass destruction” story. After it was invaded and it became apparent to all that there were no weapons of mass destruction, was Iraq uninvaded? – no, it wasn’t – the lie had served its purpose, they were in and they weren’t leaving. Likewise, when the worst of this pandemic blows over and far fewer people are killed by it than originally estimated, life will not return to the way it was before – the extensive new powers gained by the State over its citizens will remain in force, and to maintain and augment this power the virus will be allowed to flare up again cyclically, or new ones will be introduced.

The days of mass travel are over. The airline and tourism industries have been destroyed. Large parts of what survives of these industries will be nationalized largely to serve the purposes of executive travel. This development will greatly improve the quality of life of the elites. They never travelled on public aircraft anyway – not for them the horror of going through airport security and having their stuff rifled through – they go everywhere on private jets where the boarding and customs processes are expedited and comfortable. An indication of their migration to private aircraft in recent years has been the decline in VIP lounges, which used to be rarified sanctuaries of peace and relaxation, but are now full of riff-raff using credit card privileges to get in, so that they now have people sticking their feet on the seats and kids running around screaming etc. With mass travel greatly curtailed, in the future the elites will be able to stroll around the streets of places like Venice without hordes of lower class visitors spoiling it. The catering and restaurant industries will likewise survive in a slimmed down form, catering more to the elites – they will tend to be high class with the staff showing due deference. Ordinary people might be permitted some local cafes, provided that the tables are far enough apart. In order to understand the elites and their objectives you have to “put yourself in their shoes” and see the world as they see it, which I have done. They grow up living lives of incredible luxury and opulence, and are encouraged by their parents and peers to see themselves as exceptional, and they come to adulthood truly believing that they are superior beings. They regard ordinary lower and middle class people much as you might an ant or a termite, at best as something to be tolerated or used, at worst as a pest to be exterminated. Ordinary people travelling all over and cluttering up places are a nuisance which has to be stopped. They have a natural tendency to accrue as much power and wealth to themselves as they possibly can at the expense of the masses and we just saw this in action with the bailouts for the wealthy in the US while the ordinary folk were thrown out on the street. As we all know, the world is grossly overpopulated. I have read that the maximum population that can be sustained without causing long-term damage to the planet is about 1.5 billion, which means that with about 8 billion on the planet now, it has an excess of 6.5 billion. Looked at using cold logic – the kind of logic that the elites employ – it means that 6.5 billion need to be disposed of. The question is how to get rid of them. India is perhaps the most extreme example at about 1300 million people on a land area much smaller than China, with the population having exploded fourfold since the end of the 2nd World War from about 300 million at that time. The life support systems of the planet are buckling under the strain and something needs to be done about it. Given the low regard which the elites have for ordinary people, who they regard as a worthless and expendable infestation, it is thought that they have one of two main methods of dealing with it. One is to create a mass starvation event by collapsing the economic system, which may well be what they are doing right now, but the problem with this is that it leads to widespread chaos and destruction, which would actually erode the elites’ power base, since their lives of privilege are built on the backs of others, and if they kill off too many of the “untermensch” they might end up having to work themselves. The other approach is to use compulsory vaccination to mass sterilize vast swathes of the population, either males or females or both, and thus greatly reduce the birth rate, or adopt a more drastic approach and use the vaccinations, which are purportedly to protect against Covid-19 or flu or polio or whatever, to promote early death, perhaps with some kind of timer element built in that finishes people off in say 5 years. This is thought to be an underlying driver for the move towards compulsory vaccinations using the cloak of Covid-19 protection being promoted by the likes of Bill Gates.

Now to substantiate some of the claims made by this article by means of the following linked articles. Take your time working your way through these because they are very important. Once you have read and digested them you will understand exactly what this is all about, unless you are willfully stupid…
To give you a road map of what is going on, we start with The Seven Step Path from Pandemic to Totalitarianism. Next, we look at what they don’t tell you in Covid-19: What They Don’t Tell You. And in a similar vein is Global COVID-19 Lockdown – What You’re Not Being Told, Part 2 This is very long and I haven’t read all of it. Here is an interesting video by Dr Rashid Buttar on the Covid-19 Conspiracy Don’t Trace Me, Bro is about “Contact Tracing” which involves recruiting the public to engage in surveillance of their fellow citizens behalf of the State. This astounding Before and after coronavirus video shows how once bustling cities around the world have been reduced to ghost towns. This is a negation of life that is untenable and will quickly lead to ruin. So why are they doing this? They are “testing the waters” to see just how much they can get away with – it is a demonstration of their absolute power over the acquiescent masses. The sheep, who have been happily running from one end of the field to the other for years, are now being herded into the slaughterhouse. This is clearly a trial run for a global lockdown police State – if they can do this once they can do it again and again and make it a permanent state of affairs if they wish, and as mentioned above, they may be bringing the global economy to a dead stop in order to trigger a mass starvation event to clear the world of what they view as excess population. In Our Glorious, Orwellian Reopening Donald Jeffries rightly describes this whole thing as a “plandemic, the greatest psyop of all time”, and makes the priceless and true observation that “the majority of Americans are like a collective battered wife”. In Never Again! Chuck Baldwin makes the point that the lockdowns and shutdowns are actually illegal. In The Most Tragic Case of Governmental, Medical, and Media Malpractice in the History of the World Douglas MacKinnon makes it clear that the mainstream media are complicit in gross exaggeration of the deaths and illness attributable to Covid-19. And lastly an interesting slant on what has helped prompt the authorities to lockdown society in We Have Become “Karen“ Nation.
So what now? Let’s play “devil’s advocate” for a minute and put ourselves in the shoes of the elites. Everything is going to plan so far, but what next? Confining the population to their dwellings for weeks and even months on end after a lifetime of relative freedom is obviously creating a “pressure cooker” effect that could soon lead to a social explosion. So, how to relieve the pressure just enough to prevent this? Simple, relax the restrictions for a while, let the virus flare up again and then say “Look – told you so, out of the kindness of our hearts we relaxed the restrictions and let you partially return to normal life, but the virus has flared up again putting you all in mortal danger – so back you go and stay there!” I have to “take my hat off” to the elites. While their Master Plan is monumentally cruel, cynical and ruthless as it is rapidly destroying the lives and aspirations of billions of people across the globe, it is also audacious and ingenious – 9/11 had nothing on this – this takes it to the next level. At a stroke they have destroyed the Chinese economy, bailed out their own corporations and interests at public expense, and set the wheels in motion to create a global lockdown police state and economically a global takeover via the dollarization of the world, so that they will have more power than anyone could ever dream of, at least on this one planet – it’s brilliant. With regards to the global economic takeover what has happened is that the Fed has come to realize – and maybe it had this planned all along – that it can take advantage of the dollar being the global reserve currency to literally buy the world. When it creates money it incurs no obligation to itself, no downside – the cost is borne by the world at large whose living standard is reduced as their wealth is transferred to the elites who simply print money and give it to themselves, enabling them to live on the backs of everyone else. So the trick is to encourage everyone and everything to get into as much debt as possible. Then you simply pull the plug on the economy, in this case using the virus crisis as a catalyst. All the debtors are instantly insolvent and facing ruin, at which point the Fed (and other Central Banks which they increasingly control) come riding to the rescue, and all the debtors gratefully accept the banks’ assistance in their hour of need, and then face the rest of their lives in debt servitude. In the US, and many other nations, a big reason for the prolonged lockdowns is to destroy small businesses whose assets and manpower can then be mopped up by predatory larger corporations owned by the elites – if they are permitted to survive it will be as debt slaves. The reason for the current paradox where the economy is dead as a result of the lockdowns but the stockmarket is gleefully rising again is simple – the market crash has achieved its purpose which was to enable the big elite owned corporations to get bailed out at public expense, now that this has happened, the market has a green light to advance again, driven ever higher by limitless Fed money creation that is piped through the Wall St banks into the market. In a free market the stockmarket would have tipped into a debt-purging 2nd downwave, but this is now a “command economy” like the old Soviet Union where the Fed decides where the market goes. As for the little guy, he can go hang – he has to stop at home while his small business goes bankrupt. All he has to look forward to is living on meager handouts if he’s lucky, or working for a larger elite controlled corporation later, on their terms.The global collapse into widespread depression and poverty that is now beginning and set to accelerate at a rapid rate has been predicted for years by people like Egon von Greyerz as the inevitable consequence of a system of unsound money, fiat money, that has enabled Central Banks to play God and debase currencies to the extent that they eventually become worthless, consumed by the fires of hyperinflation, which is what is about to happen. In addition, the fact that the dollar is the global reserve currency has put the Federal Reserve in position to make its current bid to take over the world in an act of economic colonialism by creating vast amounts of money and buying everything in sight and flooding other Central Banks with dollars with the intention of dollarizing the world. My understanding of this comes from listening to Greg Mannarino’s video blogs, which are generally concise and to the point, and well worth listening to even if he is sometimes lewd. Greg has produced some classic videos over the past couple of months which are worth going back and listening to if you have the time, in order to understand what is going on, in particular, why the stockmarket has been strong as the economy implodes. Here is a good one TOTAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE WITH NO END IN SIGHT from the 30th. These videos are laced with frequent advertising breaks which are thought to be an attempt to put you off watching them. Greg knows that he will be deplatformed at some point but doesn’t care.

Some people are pinning their hopes for improvement on the enigmatic “Q” as he is known, a mysterious figure who is supposed to be “in the know” and on “Trump and the Patriots” and they spend hours every week listening to something called the X22 Report. As far as I can tell this X22 report is a “psyop” – a “lightning rod” which functions to give discontented people the hope of change, so that they don’t actually do anything. They believe that Trump is going to have all the bad people rounded up and arrested and put on trial. They are tragically deluded and wasting their time listening to this stuff. The elites plan to eliminate the remaining free speech on the internet, which enables you to find out what is really going on if you are sufficiently determined. In the future, as the Matrix closes in on the population, this will no longer be tolerated. Dissenting voices will be silenced by being deplatformed, marginalized, economically cut off, pushed down the list of search rankings etc. and if that doesn’t work, physically eliminated. This process is already well underway. It started with Alex Jones of Infowars who was deplatformed, and has now spread to Facebook and Twitter who vanish people who say things that are “incorrect”. We have already seen what happens to people like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange who expose what the State is up to, who the public at large abandoned to their fate. They are intended to set an example of what will happen to others who think of trying it. On a lighter note can just imagine the elites at a future Davos summit or Bilderberg meeting joyfully reminiscing about the glorious success of their Covid-19 hoax and the New World Order it has helped to usher in, as they quaff champagne and down quail’s eggs in a side room…

“First we got them all to wear face masks” – a murmur of laughter sprinkled with chuckles spreads across the room. “Then we made them stand at least 2 meters apart!” more widespread laughter now and some clapping. An inebriated fellow off at the side roars with laughter. “And finally we got them to stop at home for 3 months without going out!!” At this the assembled throng bursts into uproarious mirth, with some dropping to the floor crying with laughter for a long time. At length, as the merriment starts to subside, someone at the back of the room pipes up “and now we’re going to get them to snitch on each other and vaccinate ‘em and chip ‘em like dogs!!” at which many of the party can scarcely take any more, laughing so much that their sides are aching.
Unfortunately, for the other 99% of the population, what is happening to our world is no laughing matter. If you believe I am a “kook” after reading this, then you ought to read this article, which is a late addition, entitled The Dubious COVID Models, The Tests, And Now The Consequences after which it ought to be clear to all but the most imbecilic amongst you that we have all been had by THE BIGGEST CON JOB IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD perpetrated to enhance the power and control of a select few and to increase their enormous fortunes still further, a current example being the Fed pumping the stockmarket back up at public expense while the masses lose their jobs and can go starve. Billions of people around the world who have had their lives ruined for nothing but a hoax might as well have a sign hanging from their necks saying “JACKASS!” but it doesn’t have to stay that way – SO SPREAD THE WORD! End.
Posted at 8.45 am EDT on 1st May 20.

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Restoration of free source cut and past function is the only solution to global order at a free and independent individual level.

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Camp Vists per Sesame Street Think

Visuals tell the story


Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 11.05.02 AMScreen Shot 2019-07-13 at 11.03.32 AM


Ironic that I was driven to add a Sesame Street song to this.  Trump is said to be trying to end funding for Sesame Street today.  God forbid our childhood critical thinking should actually be triggered.  A child might actually see that the “Emperor” has no clothes.

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The Post WWII World Order is Over

drawn-statue-of-liberty-destroyed-10Word from Henry Kissinger about Putin is that he does not  “think Putin is a character like Hitler,” Kissinger replies. “He comes out of Dostoyevsky.”  Henry Kissinger: ‘We are in a very, very grave period’ If Kissinger is correct then Putin isn’t an enemy we, the people, of the United States would choose.  At least not the “we the people” that are US citizens who align themselves with progressive ideals that have brought us decent working conditions, and education.  According to the themes in Crime and Punishment, “Dostoyevsky was especially appalled by the idea that actions taken in pursuit of a better society were themselves necessarily good. He saw in this seemingly innocent theory a potential justification for violence.  It was the same danger that Dostoyevsky recognized in the nihilists and anarchists, who by the 1870s and ’80s had indeed turned to terrorism to achieve their ends. Dstoyevsky’s novels are prophetic in regards to the assassination of Alexander II.”  Kissinger is saying that he thinks Putin is a thinker that would have stood against violence as a solution to social ills. This is a startling insight when put in perspective against the current NATO vs BRICS global stand-off, as it can be safely assumed from Kissinger’s statement that the BRICS are as against terrorism as NATO claims to be.

So what is the United States fighting for?  Rhetoric would have it that we are fighting Terrorists. Economically, many writers say that the US is fighting to maintain our current Military Industrially imposed US Dollar domination of the globe. The problem with this economic fight is that the military solution looks a lot like terrorism. The fight is sinking the very ideals that made the United States a “utopian ideal.”  Instead what we have is dystopian writers saying that the US is going to fall and the entire globe is facing bleak and dark days ahead.  Globalists who identify with the underdog BRIC nations right to thrive without being dominated by NATO are currently also waking up to the reality that harmony is going to be required if we want to maintain and sustain trade as we know it on this Globe.  On this front, our current President Trump may be the hero of the hour. Working with Putin, opening up North Korea makes sense.  Others would say Trump is taking us down a suicidal path with Russia as the Pied Piper. ” All we can hope for is that the rest of the world manages to come together and build at least the scaffolding of a functional imperial replacement in time to avoid collapsing into a new post-imperial dark age.

One thing is for sure, no matter who you think the bad guys are on this Earth, global life requires that all of our interconnected lives find a way to harmonize our greed, powers, resources and desires, good and bad, or we all lose.




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