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The New World Order Already Is

A lot to digest in this article. The humble shall inherit the Earth, a great revolutionary once said.

The Ugly American is mercurial. Though it will take a few generations for the real independent and free Americans to rise above the mess the ugly are making.


Stay strong, pay attention.

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Monkey Money

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Good to See Push Back

A reprieve to further the awareness. Time to wake some more people up. The WHO global initiative that essentially overrides national sovereignty in the face of pandemic events was shot down. They will however regroup and be back in 2024. https://www.onenation.org.au/who-forced-into-humiliating-backdown

Thank you Africa.

“There has also been lots of pushback from Republicans in the US, with a number of them introducing new bills giving the US Congress/Senate powers to override any WHO mandates or directives issued as part of any international agreements.”

Now more than ever US States have to maintain sovereign rights. Things are getting really authoritarian.

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Unseen Forces

Money is our magic wand, the perception of who wields its power dictates all.

There is bitter partisanship, increasingly Orwellian attempts to control the mainstream and social media narratives, the debauchery of “expertise” as dueling “experts” vie for control, the fraying of social discourse, the substitution of virtue-signaling for actual civic virtue, the institutionalization of white-collar crime (collusion, fraud, embezzlement, etc.), the increasing reliance on Bread and Circuses (stimulus, Universal Basic Income) as real opportunity dissipates, and the troubling rise in shootings, crime, random violence and plummeting social prosperity.

This unraveling of social cohesion has consequences. Once social cohesion unravels, the nation unravels.


This quote comes from a blog, “The Systemic Risk No One Sees, June 30, 2021, by Charles Hugh Smith. The solutions are not readily evident, yet one thing is for sure, each and every one of us needs to stand for the good of all in the face of forces that we have no control over. How each and every one of us chooses to do this is an infinite variance. Start with being here now and using your spending power to affect change. Be the change you want to see in the world. Money is the magic wand being used to harness society. As you well know, unless you are living under a rock, right now the rising money supply is inflating the price of everything. Protect yourself, your family and community. We are all in this together. Get ready for when the loss of spending power triggers a sell off of assets and major disruptions occur. It’s happened before and it is happening again.

May loving good vibrations rise to the global fore. I pray. Jubilee.

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Woke. Authoritarian Front.

This testimonial of events at Evergreen College in Washington State is extremely important on the freedom vs authoritarian rule front. The events at Evergreen pushed a tenured professor, Bret Weinstein, off campus, out of a job and into the public discourse. Weinstein’s loss of a job is indicative of a canary dying in a the coal mine that is freedom in the United States. The thinking that forced Weinstein out of his job is Bernays psychology in insidious form. Group think.

Most insidious is Weinstein’s experience of the difference in meaning behind the use of the word “safespace.” This “doublespeak” embodied in one word is indicative of a very dangerous authoritarian wave of zeitgeist that is driving wild “tribalism” in our society today. Tribalism that ranks on a level of events found in the book Lord of the Flies. This screams to me that Piggy is going to die, and it isn’t the Piggy one would think it will be.

In my humble opinion, if the public as a whole does not evolve into free independent critical thinkers who question authority with truly open eyes awake to changes in our system being forwarded it is going to find itself “fooled again.” How we improve and or destroy the fair equitable lives of all life is on us all and mankind is at a crossroads.

Bret Weinstein Testifies to Congress on The Evergreen State College riots, Free Speech & Safe Spaces

Please listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRIKJCKWla4&t=1s

There is a collectivism at work on the intellectual front in the United States. A collective silencing of alternative thinking for fear of stigma regardless of how learned the thinking is. Weinstein is leading the “intellectual dark-web” awareness and is being censored for daring to do so.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1YZkAdn3Ls More Weinstein on this topic:

The thinking at work, Weinstein says, is a “tearing down” ripping society apart without offering solutions. The thinking BLM and the Woke movements are putting forward will not “finish the project” that is the West. We already have the right societal base of values in the focus on liberty in the West. After all the only way to be truly liberated is to address all the issues that infringe on liberty and in so correcting them further the cause of liberty in society. The original call of a liberty movement is to make sure that distribution of opportunity and distribution of resources is fair, you can not have that if free speech is not protected.

Stay aware, pay attention and choose honor.

Honor is standing for the good of all in the face of forces that we do not have control over.

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nattering nabobs of negativism

Call me a nattering nabob of negativisim but no way in hell

Uncanny use of Middle Eastern headgear on the Money Power's heads in this historical political cartoon. Some things never change, they just become even more entrenched.

Uncanny use of Middle Eastern headgear on the Money Power’s heads in this historical political cartoon. Some things never change, they just become even more entrenched.

would I sign the campaign for FCC ruling to clear the way to end robocalls.

Nattering nabob of negativism indeed. An FCC ruling that clears the way for blocking robocalls is not a win for the public but a loss of right to receive any and every call being put through on the lines. The government’s legal inability to interfere with the public’s calls is being rescinded by the public if we let this go through.  There is already a public do not call registry.  The only robocalls stopped by this change of law will be political campaign calls.  Getting information out to the public is a right of assembly.  The mind game seems to be in play on this move.

nattering nabobs of negativism  I would not sign this!  http://consumersunion.org/campaign-updates/huge-victory-fcc-ruling-clears-way-for-telecoms-to-act-to-end-robocalls/

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Blessed Day

The Fool

Illustration from the Albano Waite Tarot deck reproduced by permission of Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902. Copyright c 1990 by US Games Inc., Stamford, CT. Further reproduction prohibited.

The Path of the Fool - Aleph

The Path of the Fool – Aleph on the Tree of Life

The ALEPH path is represented by THE FOOL archetype. This is the leap of faith consciousness on the Tree of Life. ALEPH is shaded on the diagram to the left.

The Fool in Tarot is the zero path, the ALEPH path of unlimited potential. In many ways The Fool is all of us on every path on our journey on the Tree of Life. This Fool path is one on which all that we need manifests because we follow the Light, that from which all things come, without question. The Fool has no fear or anxiety; he’s a newborn soul about to step off a cliff into the material world. He has all the tools he needs in the bag on the staff, but he hasn’t opened the bag yet. He knows that he can trust in the long, straight and narrow path his staff represents: his will. The white rose in his left hand represents purity of thought. The little white dog nipping at his heels is his guardian. The dog will protect him, but he will also push him to learn the lessons that he came here to learn.. Life is wasted if no lessons are learned. The mountains behind the Fool represent the realms of Light that he has just left, and will spend his life trying to attain again. The valley he is about to step into represents our own physical, material world. The Fool willingly walks right off the cliff of the unknown in order to be who he/she was born to be and create what he/she was born to create. This path is also a path of understanding that even if you fall on your face or make a fool of yourself, everything will be all right, “just pick your self up, dust your self off, and start all over again.” Wholeness for the Fool is found in seeking and knowing what he/she does not know.

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Today is an AWESOME day!

In numerology 3.14592653 is 39 is 12 is 3.  3rd Path

In numerology 3.14592653 is 39 is 12 is 3. 3rd Path

Binah - birthgiver

Binah – birthgiver

Bringing Your Reality Into Form – The 3rdth Path

The 3rd path in the Yoga of the West tradition, Kabbalah using the Tarot, is the path known as Binah, the birth giver. This is the cosmic gate from which the Light brings being into form. The numbers 3 of each suit in the Tarot deck, 4 cards combined, reflect the energy at work here. On this path order of all comes into existence. This is the hub of paths that includes the Magician, the Empress, the Chariot and the Lovers, a hub of synthesis. This path is a fusion of opposites; the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We achieve this whole by fulfilling the work we are born to create, rejoicing in the profound recognition of what is valuable, experiencing birth pain in our hearts and knowing objective truth.

The path of bringing into material form: creation

The path of bringing into material form: creation

The first card is the 3 of Pentacles, which portrays three figures in conference in what can only be a cathedral. This card depicts sacred work, service. A workman is standing above a priest and a “judge,” in a clown cloak. The workman is the artist and he is raised above the others. The artist’s work, the work of creation is what is most important. This image makes me think of Michelangelo painting The Last Judgment in the Sistine chapel in the Vatican. The Pope’s master of ceremonies, Biagio de Cesena, insulted the painting and Michelangelo responded by portraying him as Minos, in the hell part of the picture with ass’ ears and a snake biting his penis. Funny but, in the workings of this path, dangerous, because if the three do not come to agreement the great work goes undone. Wholeness requires us to unify the three aspects of ourselves that these figures represent. Doing our true work in the world requires us to balance our creative perfectionist, with our spirituality and our practical worldly concerns (making a living).


The second card is the 3 of Cups. The name of this path, Binah, means understanding. The three figures in this card have come to full understanding. They have come together to rejoice in a spirit of equality to celebrate what is most valuable to them, their mutual understanding. Also, from the harvest fruit all around them, they are celebrating mutual success. These figures dance in a circle, not in a line, no one comes first, no one comes last. Wholeness requires us to put aside our individual ego and celebrate be part of a group without the need to be exceptional.

The third card on this third path is the Three of Swords. Three is a magic number and this three of Swords is THE card of creativity. The look of the three swords stabbing into a heart brings to mind heartbreak. But the pain in this Fire card is birth pain, the pain of creation, the pain of the right thing happening. No body gets out of this world alive. There is nothing to do with pain except take it into our hearts and in so doing transform it into creative energy. It is up to us to create the world we experience. To master the path of the Three of Swords is to master the understanding that the formation forces of life deliver what we need, not what we want.

The final card on this path of creative fulfillment is the Three of Wands, symbolizing intuition: knowing. The lone figure standing above all represents understanding what needs to be brought into being. The figure in this card stands centered in knowing, looking out over the sea of possibility. The figure’s right hand, the hand that symbolizes bringing the material world into form, rests securely on the right wand. This is the path of the prophets, the saints, the visionaries; the path of genius that changes the world as we know it. Wholeness on this path requires us to find centered knowing.

This reading is meant for the practice of Yoga of the West, a Tarot meditation designed to build a bridge of intuition between the reader’s unconscious and conscious mind. People also consult the cards as an oracle. Caution is advised. An oracle opens the door to spiritual deception as easily as spiritual truth. To read more about Yoga of the West go to https://choosinghonor.wordpress.com/2015/02/14/yoga-of-the-west-a-mindfulness-practice-that-uses-the-tarot-to-reflect-the-workings-of-the-light/





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Military Brass asked position on firing on US Citizens

Obama to Military
After listening to this, I can see we do have a very real problem when it comes to our debt to China. US citizen’s have traded their sovereignty for cheap goods, just as Native American’s before us traded the land for cheap beads and goods. How we deal with this will make or break mankind’s soul.

Obama to Top Brass: Will you fire on US Citizens?

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You Have the Fully Integrated Power to Create Harmonic Existence for You and Yours this Year!

Illustrations from the Albano Waite Tarot@deck reproduced by permission of US Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902. Copyright c 1990 by US Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT. Further reproduction prohibited.

A reading from the Book of Tarot for 2013. The intention is for you to hold these cards and the energy they symbolize in mind in visualizing the coming year. Each card corresponds to a path on the Tree of Life. These paths are highlighted in the additional pictures provided. Watch for the energy symbolized in the cards images to be reflected in the experiences and events of this day. The combination of what the cards symbolize and the placement of the paths they represent on the Tree will reveal the consciousness you need to see this year.

The first card is an archetype card chosen according to the numerology of this coming year 2013.   That’s 02, 01, )3, or the number 6: The Lovers.

The Lovers card symbolizes the realization that we are all both male and female.  Realizing our fully integrated male and female consciousness brings us the creative power of the creation.  Creating the existence that brings you the most ecstatic happiness is what this card is all about.  Creativity is sexuality on the vibration scale of emotions; hence the mixed up teachings about the meaning of this card.  In the card’s image the Angel Raphael, arms and wings open and accepting, hovers above male and female figures. Raphael is the angel that enables communication between our different levels of consciousness. Raphael’s hair colors are green for health and red for power. The yellow tips on the wings are for full knowing. The purple robe is for royalty. Royal purple emphasizes Raphael as the ruling power here. On the Tree behind the man we find 12 flames for the 12 zodiac signs. Behind the woman we have 5 apples for the 5 senses. The snake in the tree is the path on which the Light, that from which all things come, travels from the top of the tree to us. The mountain is a phallic symbol and the clouds are the feminine (water) – the union of the two leads to transcendence. This male female union is why so many misinterpret this card to be about marriage energy. Raphael is the key to understanding that the union this card represents is actually within our selves. Wholeness via the Lovers path is found when we unify the male and female aspects of our selves to become a balanced channel for creative energy or sexual energy if baby making is what drives you.  LOL.

The second card is a random draw, seeking the ideal card to contemplate in relation to the coming year. The 10 of Cups.!    Life doesn’t get any better than this on the material 10th path.  J

The Ten of all suits fall on this 10th path, our material reality path. This is the path of all that we can touch, smell, taste, see, and hear. If there were “Chakras” in the Yoga of the West tradition, this path would be the sole of the feet. This path is the kingdom, the material plane of existence; our physical state of being.  Cups (water) refer to the feeling aspect of our personality. The Ten of Cups symbolizes the reality that All is good. Though it is important to note that in the image on this card there are boundaries of distance between the equal partners and their dancing children. There is also a rigid boundary line on the ground that separates the couple and the joyous children from the green earth and the river (feeling) that leads to a fine house in the distance. The 10 of Cups is about wholeness requiring more than knowing that all is good, it requires knowing that all are good too.




Please note

This reading is meant for the practice of Tarot meditation designed to build fluency in the symbolism to aid in personal transcendence. People also consult the cards as an oracle. Caution is advised. An oracle opens the door to spiritual deception as easily as spiritual truth. To read more about Tarot application to the Tree of Life go to http://bit.ly/9BiovO

Mary T. Ficalora, is the author of the award winning book, Choosing Honor: a philosophical treatise that applies the symbolism found on the Tree of Life to reveal an unpredictable tonic for what ails America. Send comments and questions to www.availpress.com

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