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Fourth Reich?

This story, to my jaded mind, looks like the 1000 year lodge has decided it is time to fund the 4th Reich. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9517637/Treasure-hunters-plan-dig-48-crates-Hitlers-gold-worth-half-billion-pounds.html

Nazi gold valued at half a billion pounds is going to be dug up. This gold was hidden by Head of the SS, Himmler, and his fellow members of an ancient lodge to later fund the rise of the Fourth Reich. “It is thought to include the so-called ‘Gold of Breslau’ which went missing from police headquarters in what is now the nearby Polish city of Wrocław.

It is also thought to include jewellery and valuables from the private collections of wealthy Germans who lived in the region and who handed their possessions to the SS in order to protect them from being looted by the advancing Red Army.

The location was revealed by secret documents, an SS officer’s diary and a map that the treasure hunters received from the descendants of officers belonging to a secretive lodge dating back over 1,000 years.”

WTF. That is all I can say. The Treasure Hunters on the trail of this mother lode of gold are digging under a palace in Poland that was used by the SS as a brothel when they occupied the territory. One of the “girls” hid it for her man, SS officer von Stein.

You can’t make this stuff up. Good night and good luck.

Pay Attention. Question Authority. Do your own research.

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The rush to publish warnings in 2008 was shared by myself and author Naomi Wolf. I discovered, The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot, by Wolf while on the book circuit while I was promoting my book, Choosing Honor. Our books shared floor space, if not the same booth shelves. We both called out to readers to pay attention or we, the people of the United States, would lose our Republic, our individual sovereignty and most of our freedoms.

In truth, our warnings had begun to hit the mainstream earlier, the 2005 film, V For Vendetta is proving more and more prophetic in a creepy Covid way. The Science Fiction warnings about how Totalitarian Dictatorships rise to power with the full support and actions of the population willingly following dominate the last century. Health crisis gives plausible reason for inflicting lock downs on innocent people, it is “for the good of all.”

The good of all, is honor. This honor quickly crosses moral and ethical lines when put into place by “might.” Right through might becomes a morally and ethically nebulous line of action. The “good of all” put into place by authoritarian might within occupations and or when facing survival is conditioned into human behavior. Milgram studies continue to demonstrate that all it takes to get good people to inflict horrifying physical pain on an innocent other is for authority to tell us that we will not get into trouble as long as we are following orders, doing our job which is for good and that the victim signed up for it, asked for it. Subtext, you will not question evil if your way of living depends on you supporting the evil.

No one can doubt that this psychological message is well known and validated repeatedly by many well informed journalists, authors, Matt Taibbi, Chris Hedges, and Greg Greenwald, to name a few. You would think with all the great independent work out trying to keep free thinking independent people aware, the Republic would be standing strong. It isn’t. Covid took the legs of truth, justice, free economies and democracy right out from under the Republic of the United States of America. Underscoring this reality, Naomi Wolf has revisited the list of markers for Fascist take over of a population that she delivers in her book,”End of America.” What she has found is that we are much further along the list, in fact in the midst of complete subjugation today.

This is a must read if for no other reason than to challenge the mainstream narrative re: Covid.

Pay attention. Remember a nation can only succumb to a dictator if people will do as directed. Question authority, maintain personal sovereignty and realize today we do not face one dictator, as Germany did last Century. Today we face a global oligarchy of corporate dictators. How you spend your money will dictate the outcome of the authoritarian reconfiguration, reset of our lives. What we choose to do with “orders” is in our hands, the power is in the hands of the people if we want it.

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US Mercenary War Mongers?

What is the United States to become under the rule of an American Businessman with seemingly no regard for anything but making money?  War being the driving engine of the US money making machine.  Veterans for Peace has won out on the “no parade” front for now, but for how long? See the Veterans’ news release

Thwarted in his War ambitions in Afghanistan, Trump’s frustration is eyeing Blackwater as an alternative to the national military.  Officials worry.

Paying attention and using informed discernment has never been more important in U.S. history, if we, the people, do not want to get fooled again.

Teach Your Children WellChoosing Honor


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If People Only Knew

This chart graphing real wealth distribution in the United States versus what people perceive and want wealth distribution to be is within the people’s power to change.
We have the power to reverse this reality with two acts in Congress. One, null and void every derivative contract in existence. Derivatives are bets, usury, there are no real financial assets attached. The trillions of dollars wiped off the “game board” would not hurt the real economy. Two, every mortgage currently owned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that can not show clear chain of ownership of the note should be vaporized. Holders of the homes, good standing in payments or not, would immediately hold full ownership of the properties. This would indeed be government by the people for the people. Versus what we currently have…government by the banks for the banks.

The idea for wiping derivatives off the economy’s table comes from Paul Craig Roberts, http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2012/06/05/collapse-at-hand/   As he says this call to null and void the $230 trillion in derivatives is a matter of national security.

The idea for wiping out the mortgages comes from a long line or revelations about mortgage fraud and unjust foreclosures. The best source for this information is Ellen H. Brown, http://www.webofdebt.com/articles/foreclosuregate.php  She has named the entire debacle “Foreclosuregate.”

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