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Who Knew?

Game Stop.

My heart sings today. All in my sphere is ringing like angels are getting their wings.

The time for Choosing Honor is upon us. How will you take a stand for the good of all in your sphere of influence?

So many great call outs in support of Reddit’s Gamer strike for a world they want. I’m even pleased to see Jon Daily sing on the Tweet stage!! https://gamerant.com/reddit-gamestop-jon-stewart-twitter/


Harmonic convergence if I ever did see one.

The Game Stop maneuver is Millennial. So my dear loves born into the Century, carry on.

We the People. Ha!

Music please.

The world is what we make it. Choosing honor is upon us. Silver Springs. The power of the people is infinite all We have to do is focus. Pay Attention. Harmonize.


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Media Black Out on Ron Paul Continues

Two stories came to my attention today related to the black out of Ron Paul’s campaign in the media.  One deals with Gallup polls leaving him out as a choice, the other is CNN blocking news of the thousands of people showing up to support him in California.  Luckily these stories are being cached before they are deleted or blocked.

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