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Madonna brings female self-oppression to mind with her marriage as prison claim.

Temperance and the Towerhippie girls hitchhiking to everywherehttp://www.aol.com/article/2015/03/11/madonna-says-i-was-a-prisoner-during-guy-ritchie-marriage/21152333/?ncid=webmail1

The first Crossroad that must be crossed to transcend the Tree directly is represented by Temperance and The Tower.  Think of it as a metamorphosis via creativity.  No matter which side you dance on this path, light or dark, this cross cannot be transcended unless one completely lets go of patterns of oppression.  Liberation from self-oppression is the final liberation that occurs at this Crossroad. Liberation from the oppression from loved ones and family must be realized before you can even begin to cross this road.

Madonna’s story today about being a prisoner during marriage is very common for women. http://www.aol.com/article/2015/03/11/madonna-says-i-was-a-prisoner-during-guy-ritchie-marriage/21152333/?ncid=webmail1  My own experience was to realize self-oppression as the real culprit. Self-oppression is my behavior that puts me in my prescribed role in society as a daughter, sister, wife, mother.  Though, that said, I have found that the oppression is not all self induced. Men, even men who profess support for women’s rights, do take advantage of our female conditioning to self-oppress.  They are conditioned to take advantage of us. Continued propagation of the species requires this behavior. Sigh.  What we do in the creative zone is always sticky and messy.  Creativity and sexuality are one and the same force.  I appreciate Madonna for breaking social boundaries. She has never failed to own her reality publicly.

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