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Crossing Over to Freedom – A Reading from the Book of Tarot for February 25, 2012

Illustrations from the Albano Waite Tarot@deck reproduced by permission of US Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902. Copyright c 1990 by US Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT. Further reproduction prohibited.

Two Tarot cards are profiled. These cards have been pulled to induce synchronicity. The intention is for you to watch for the consciousness they represent to be reflected in the events of your day. This practice known as Yoga of the West, is designed to build a bridge of intuition between the reader’s unconscious and conscious mind; a bridge to wholeness.

The first card is an archetype card chosen according to the numerology of the day. Each archetype card in the Tarot represents a path on the Tree of Life (Kabbalah). Today is 02, 25, 2012, or number 14: Temperance. The path this card represents is shaded on the diagram included. The consciousness on this path is known as SAMEKH.   This is the bridge over trouble waters on the first crossroads into higher consciousness.

I always think of Temperance as the path on which we make our pact with the Devil.  For to cross over this path is to enter the level of  consciousness on the tree that shares the path of AYIN, the Devil. The path of Temperance is one of holding balance in the face of overwhelming events outside of your control. This path is the Crossroads of music legend that has to be crossed in order to create with the muses. On the consciousness induced at this crossroads we discover the first need to choose honor or dishonor in regards to standing for the good of all or for our self in the face of events outside of our control. The angel depicted on this card is said to be a hermaphrodite (child of Aphrodite and Hermes). In India this dual being, two sexes united in one personality, is the primal force, the Light from which life emanates. This symbolism is repeated on the hermaphrodite’s forehead in the symbol for the center of infinity: emanation or first cause. Human creativity soars to rainbow heights at this crossroad. The figure has one foot rooted in the water, feelings, and one foot planted on green earth, living form. This path balances sexuality (creativity) and love (creation). Art, creation, brings feelings into living form. The water flowing between cups in the angel’s hands is actually flowing from the lower cup to the higher cup symbolizing rising to a higher consciousness. Temperance is the path of direct transcendence to wholeness, the golden road on which the muses lead us to highest consciousness..

The second card is a face card. Each face card in the Tarot represents an aspect of personality. There are four personality types: feeling (cups), thinking (swords), intuitive (wands) and sensate (pentacles). Each personality type has four levels of consciousness: page, knight, queen and king. All of us, male and female, have the capacity to realize all of these aspects of personality. We are all both male and female and we are all a balance of every personality type. The paths of the Tree are four-dimensional. Each level of personality travels its own dimension on each path simultaneously.

The Queen of Swords is the fully realized free feminine ruler. This Queen is a freethinker as symbolized by the single bird in the sky, and the butterflies on her crown and throne.  This Queen is a single minded, focused, and powerful person. Her head is above the clouds. She enjoys clarity and objectivity; she wants truth.  The Queen’s left hand is up and welcoming, she is willing to listen. Her sword is straight up; you will get a fair hearing.  But, note the frayed, or tasseled rope on her wrist. In a number of earlier Sword cards you see powerless female figures with their arms bound and eyes blindfolded. This figure has broken free. She is unbound. In life,  she has been there, and done that. She has survived, do not mess with her, do not attempt to feed her any lies. The cross to wholeness for this figure is seen in the child on her throne, it is just a head, pure intellect. This queen can be a harsh critic; she doesn’t give herself or anyone else any slack. The path to wholeness for this person requires realistic tolerance that finds value in what is, without the need to look for what isn’t.

 Please note:

People also consult the Tarot as an oracle. Caution is advised. An oracle opens the door to spiritual deception as easily as spiritual truth. To read more about Yoga of the West go to http://bit.ly/9BiovO

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