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State Sovereignty Ground Zero


The Naked Truth.   https://www.rt.com/usa/495163-naked-protester-portland-police/ 

Naked woman in streets of Portland

President Trump Tweets that he has sent the Federal Troops to Portland to help Oregon control their protestors/looters.  The Mayor of Portland responds that his uninvited troops are only making the situation worse.

The income inequity in Portland, Oregon is beyond the pale.  There are also far too many homeless, and far too many heroin addicts in Portland, Oregon.  Heroin is a military commodity on so many levels that the moral and ethical position of the Federal troops actively subduing citizens on  State Sovereign soil is bankrupt.  What the banksters did to homeowners when they broke the law with robosigning mortgage papers into bundles for equity sale is morally and ethically bankrupt.  The Federal sanction of the destruction of people’s lives has to be addressed and fixed.  Law and Order doesn’t work if the Law is not followed.

We will likely need a lot more naked protestors in the streets.  God love this woman who stepped up her naked yoga routine to spectacular detente inspiring levels.  LOL






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