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Random Draw. Judgment is Coming. ;)

Guns are drawn

hippie girls hitchhiking to everywhere Judgment

Florida’s Deputies are sweating bullets.  Why?  What is happening in Florida?  Oh land of the hanging chads. Why are guns blazing there?  Madness indeed.  Why?  Oh when will we ever get the details of the eruptions of unrest in our communities? How fares the Popsicle Index where you are these days?  If you have not heard of the Pospsicle Index, check out the work of Catherine Austin Fitts.  The Popsicle Index is her label for the measurement of the level of safety and trust found in a community is gauged by the confidence level by which one will allow one’s child to safely walk to the corner store, purchase a loaf of bread, and return home with the bread intact and unharmed.  Hello America, how are you?!!!  Pay attention. There are bad guys behind every B/bush in America today.

This story is just more of the same bad grassy knolls in the very essence of our being. In our blood. We hang off the blood C/clinton cliffs. Pay Attention!!!|main5|dl1|sec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D569326

It still isn’t too late!  The People of the United States can still get their money back if we demand it loud enough. The Treasury needs to be the issuer of our currency.  It is the people’s money.  If we want people, independent citizens, to oversee the inflation of currency then they can open a bank.  Like Mr. Potter and Mr. Smith did in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  Those banks will live and/or die according to their work in the community. The work requires a need to be separate from the shenanigans of Wall Street.  Wake up America, we still have far too many sleeping people.

2008 is about to happen all over again.  Watch for Choosing Honor in paperback.  Coming your way soon.

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