Going to the Chapelle

Teach us about being… Oh my. Listen. Listen again. Pay attention. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Un_VvR_WqNs

The most important words on the stage today.

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RIP Ruth

“Ginsburg’s opinions for the court were influential, regardless of whether she was writing for the majority or dissenting. In the 2007 case Lilly Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., for example, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that a woman could not sue her former employer for paying her male counterparts more than her because she had not filed suit claiming discrimination within a 180-day period required by law. In an opinion joined by three other justices, dissented vociferously, arguing that such a requirement was nonsensical because it might take a female employee longer than 180 days to find out that she was being paid less than her male counterparts. In her dissent, Ginsburg directly appealed to Congress to change the law.” https://www.aol.com/article/news/2020/09/18/supreme-court-justice-ruth-bader-ginsburg-dead-at-87/24624225/

Who will the raise the banner next?

When was the last time Congress actually legislated anything but authorizations to print more money to spend on bailing out their corporate sponsors and banks who fund them?

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Adobe Flash Info War

Important announcement. It’s worth repeating.

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Adobe Flash Info War


The dearth of activist video documentation on the internet that is about to occur in December 2020 is loaded with Flash demise. Any video loaded in the last 20 years that you think is preserved for eternity is likely on Flash and it isn’t. Flash is about to be blocked by all the current browsers.

If you have any really important video work, now is the time to render it in HSL. December 2020 marks the demise of the Flash platform. Video currently accessible will be NO MORE!

Truth movements of the last decade that have archived materials please pay atttention to this. All ability to play videos on the Flash format is going out with the year 2020. Flash. If you have anything of video value on line that is over a decade or more old, it was likely on Flash. You only have until December to convert it to HSL. Make it happen.

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The Vote Count

Given all the convoluted noise regarding vote counts this year’s United State’s Elections, maybe it is time we got digital receipts and verifiable tallies of our votes.   We certainly should restore the exit poll counts.  We really have no oversight improvement since Florida’s hanging chads, and California’s lost  mail-ins, and Ohio’s flipped digital counts and the unjust dropping of people from the rolls revealed by Greg Palast. 

We know the DNC cheats and spies on the RNC. Palast has show us how the RNC drops voters from the rolls.  The people need to find a better way to track the integrity of our votes.

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 8.22.29 PM


Just sayin.’



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Servitude and Service: Same Difference?

Huxley quote

“I no longer believe in coincidences. The fake news media would classify me as a conspiracy theorist because I question this plandemic, the coordinated and suspiciously funded BLM protests/riots, and the extraordinary transfer of trillions from the public coffers into the pockets of bankers and billionaires. It’s as if a curtain of disbelief has descended upon a nation of actors, all playing a part in this tragic comedy. Shakespeare would be amazed by the plot of this play.”

The Burning Platform, https://www.theburningplatform.com/2020/08/01/are-you-loving-your-servitude/, a traditional freethinking economic minded website, always appeals to my common sense perceptions of the goings on in our United States.  The only exception I ever take to this form of conservative free and independent type of thinking is the common failure to value what the Eastern nations on our globe take as necessary reality. That is service to protecting and nurturing life on this Earth.  Collectivism is anathema to freedom loving United States’ citizens.  This is the one philosophical political hard line that I think is pure hubris to our “shining light” United States mentality.  Unconditional hate of collectivism is the equal to being blinded by the light in my humble opinion. I will not venture to define the workings of the light.  That is equal hubris of many who like to think of themselves as Illumined. I will say we all thrive far more effectively when we share the light rather than try to harness it.  This is the essential difference between servitude and service.

Your ability to perceive the difference will directly influence your state.  I hope you are awake because the darkest of forces are entering the mind game at this time.  Service or servitude?  What will it be?







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State Sovereignty Ground Zero


The Naked Truth.   https://www.rt.com/usa/495163-naked-protester-portland-police/ 

Naked woman in streets of Portland

President Trump Tweets that he has sent the Federal Troops to Portland to help Oregon control their protestors/looters.  The Mayor of Portland responds that his uninvited troops are only making the situation worse.

The income inequity in Portland, Oregon is beyond the pale.  There are also far too many homeless, and far too many heroin addicts in Portland, Oregon.  Heroin is a military commodity on so many levels that the moral and ethical position of the Federal troops actively subduing citizens on  State Sovereign soil is bankrupt.  What the banksters did to homeowners when they broke the law with robosigning mortgage papers into bundles for equity sale is morally and ethically bankrupt.  The Federal sanction of the destruction of people’s lives has to be addressed and fixed.  Law and Order doesn’t work if the Law is not followed.

We will likely need a lot more naked protestors in the streets.  God love this woman who stepped up her naked yoga routine to spectacular detente inspiring levels.  LOL






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The WTF’er Army? WTF is that??

The WTF’er Army? WTF is that??  Something I want to be in with, for sure.
The term “conspiracy theorist” has been used to denigrate people who ask questions and who refuse to accept placing blind faith in a corrupt government and agenda driven MSM for far too long..
So next time someone accuses you of being a “conspiracy theorist” or mocks you for wearing “tin foil hats” feel free to respond by telling ’em..
“I’m not a “conspiracy theorist.. and I’m also not a fucking coward that’s afraid to question what the government and media tells me to think and believe.. I’m a What-The-Fucker.. and if you’re too afraid to question anything you’re told to believe, you can fuck right off!” 😁🤷‍♂️
Please join the WTF’er Army, your free and independent spirit needs you!!  When the saints come marching in, you will want to be in their number.

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Thank you Pentagon Brass! USA Honor

The Pentagon has stood by the Constitution of the United States.  No to military against civilians who are assembling peacefully who also have few bad apples and violently vocal in the exercise of their free speech rights.  General Kelly also uncharacteristically went public to say:

“There is a concern, I think an awful big concern, that the partisanship has gotten out of hand, the tribal thing has gotten out of hand…I think we should look at people that are running for office and put them through the filter: What is their character like? What are their ethics?”

Translation: neither Trump nor Joe Biden is fit to be the next president.


Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 6.09.48 PM


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The Looting CNN Doesn’t Talk About

Jimmy Dore and Chris Hedges discuss the United States and the underlying elite looting that drives today’s riots, Black Lives Matter, is just the tip of the “tinder.”


Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 5.49.02 PM


Never forget: “if they don’t speak out about the 9/11 lie that means they are controlled by the people who did it.”

9:11 lie

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