Banks Obsolete?

For most of recorded history, the “Money Power” has been the deep state bogeyman in our moral and ethical standards of honor in government and society. Honor being “standing for the good of all in the face of forces that are out of our control.” Our last Federal Reserve Chairman, Bernanke, coined the most recent level of covert/overt monetary manipulations to maintain the “money power a “moral hazard.”  The public knows this moral hazard as bailouts; money created out of nothing to maintain/shore up the established parasitical practices of Bankers.

The money power, bankers, have been a parasite within humanity’s ethics code for centuries. Politically, the result of feeding the usurious in society has always ended in violent rejection of the “money powers” when the debt has grown too big to be able to pay. War has always been the answer.

This “deep state” wrong/ righted via war is not just political, but also religious: Jesus Christ throwing the “Moneychangers” out of the Temple is the only instance in the New Testament in which this Messiah who was to bring a sword is portrayed as driven to violent rage. Up until this point, the prophetic sword in the story of Jesus had been love and the need to treat all as equal sons and daughters of God the father.  The target of Jesus’ violent rage was the Moneychangers’ (bankers) who’s usurious behavior, profiting on the exchange of money used at the temple drove Jesus to upturn their stalls. This hate/rejection of usury, and in turn the Hebrews, was part of the “Christian” religion for over 1000 years.

In the 1100s the Church bowing to political and economic pressure, likely to borrow money themselves, allowed for usury. The official justification for this change was in the interest of balancing the improvement to mankind’s standard of living via the practice of this “minor sin.” Purgatory was invented to cover the debts on the soul of the usurious.  The stalemate of this “deep state” hold on power via usury has been an acknowledged state of existence that many have actually accepted as unavoidable and essential for the “good of all.” War being an unfortunate reality equally unavoidable.

Now, for the first time in recorded history this underlying double standard in the ethical reality of our economic/ social existence looks to become a mute point.  Technology and China are moving us beyond the “usurious middle men,” the money power, the bankers, some like to call them the “banksters” are facing an end to their hold on humanity!

Truthdig: ” Banks are Becoming Obsolete in China.”



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August 26, 2018 · 7:38 pm

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