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Riots Are Mind Game Noise

Illustrations from the Albano Waite Tarot@deck reproduced by permission of US Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902. Copyright c 1990 by US Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT. Further reproduction prohibited.

The essential consciousness that raises humanity beyond the control of elite oppressors has to do with how we choose to handle ourselves personally. This is not a left or right paradigm of thought, this is a whole human being reality. Today’s corporate elite are killing small independent business, but they have an Achilles heel, they can not survive without the big banks, hence the bailouts when the banks become insolvent. The real power in the hands of humanity has to do with our role in keeping the big banks insolvent/solvent. If we move our money out of the big banks and only do business with community banks and credit unions the bailout parasites will tumble and fall: no amount of government intervention will be able to save them. “Too big to fail” is an elitist idea, people who consciously move their wealth to their communities and stay out of debt have the last laugh. “The humble shall inherit the Earth.” Just sayin’. Stay safe, be smart, move your money out of the big banks and get out of debt.

Peace be with you.

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The Looting CNN Doesn’t Talk About

Jimmy Dore and Chris Hedges discuss the United States and the underlying elite looting that drives today’s riots, Black Lives Matter, is just the tip of the “tinder.”


Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 5.49.02 PM


Never forget: “if they don’t speak out about the 9/11 lie that means they are controlled by the people who did it.”

9:11 lie

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